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Primary Program: ( 3 Years - 4 Years)


Montessori activities for our 3-4 year old group is focused to help children develop concentration, observation and problem-solving skills and to lay a strong foundation for academic work. Primary children develop unique characteristic like imagination, reasoning, curiosity, sense of justice and identifying themselves in a group. Our environment and curriculum helps the child satisfy these sensitivities in the child. The classroom is designed to encourage each child to move around, touch, and manipulate with the materials. The child has freedom to work independently, based on their own initiatives with calm and polite guidance from their teacher.

The mixed age group class helps the younger and older children to benefit from each other – younger children learn activities from the older children and it helps the older child to become responsible and confident, which also builds leadership qualities within the child. Our curriculum is highly individualized and it includes Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Subjects.

 The Montessori teacher engages the child purposefully in a wide variety of activities. She will choose to present the right material and the activity that will directly appeal and respond to the child’s development and interests. The child would practice working with the material and the teacher carefully observes the child’s progress and presents new lesson once the child is ready. Under the supervision of Montessori teacher, children learn to cultivate concentration, become self-motivated leaners and develop a love for learning.