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About Us:

                           From Our Director's Desk.!

   iGrow Montessori believes in giving children the foundation they can take with them throughout their student years out their lives. Montessori early Childhood education is the first phase in which our students are exposed to a school like home setting. Our Program is both welcoming and fun, while stressing the fundamental, principles, and philosophy of the Montessori method of education established by Dr. Mari Montessori.

Our environments or classroom areas are set up in centers with specific functions in each. These centers enrich and develop children's sense and allow for many mediums of learning through the use of special Montessori Materials. The childrens can explore these on their own and also have the teacher's guide and attention individually all day long.

Respect, Cleanliness, order and concentration are the characteristics of our environments, in which self discipline and constructive activity, practical and academics go hand in hand.

A daily routine is setup to make children feel secure, confident and with a high regard for others and when children feel safe and secure in their surroundings, and have the freedom to choose and explore the work that each center offers them, they are able to excel, and develop very formative patterns of learning, socializing and feeling free to accept new ideas and to learn new concepts.

 With all those factors at work, the students of iGrow Montessori will receive a well rounded education by a professional, dedicated, trained and certified, Montessori Teachers and Caregivers.

We look forward to meeting you and your child (Children). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
                            Our Mission
 iGrow Montessori applies the principles and techniques as well as verbalization skills needed to obtain a class environment conducive to independent learning and self discipline. With these elements we assist the child to reach his/her, maximum learning potential while providing the tools needed to cope with the demands of everyday living in a successful manner.

Our Mission is to apply the Montessori philosophy and to provide each child the opportunity of a high academic curriculum, in an environment in which respect, joy of learning, choices of work and self-pace go hand in hand. In this prepared environment, each child gains self-confidence and develops the social, physical and academic skills that will serve them for life.

Montessori Teachers at iGrow Montessori are aware of their mission and vocation, we do not teach our children for the moment only, rather we teach them for life.!